2020 Completed Projects

COVID-19 Groceries Support

  • 12,000 kgs of rice to 700 tribal families in Bhadradri Kothagudem: Supported 2000 people in 45 tribal hamlets in Bhadradri Kothagudem district, Telangana with 12,000kgs of rice during the COVID-19 lockdown. All these families did not have ration cards. Thanks to our partners Dr. Naren, Dr. Kapil and IDO for organizing the activity. (10th April 2020).
  • 15 days Groceries to 200 families: Handed groceries to 200 families in Atchampet mandal, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Each family was given – rice, dal, cooking oil, upma ravva, 5 vegetables, and many other essential items to support them for 15 days. These are migrant agricultural workers that came to kurnool area. Due to COVID-19 lock down in India, they did not have work, couldn’t go back to their native place and were in need of food/groceries. Thanks to Narasimha Sikha, Rythu Swarajya Vedika and Mannem Badraiah garu for local coordination and support. (31st March 2020).
  • 10 days Groceries to 250 senior citizens: Provided groceries to 250 senior citizens in Nutakki, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Each person was given 5kgs rice, dal, cooking oil and other essential items to support them for 10 days. These people are old, single and do not have any income or family members to support them. Thanks to Akramuddin, Nizamuddin and others (6th May 2020).

Matruchaya Orphanage (Nutakki, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh)

  • Groceries: Handed groceries to Matruchaya to support them for 2 months (400kgs rice, cooking oil, jaggery, tamarind and other items). Bhimireddy Sivareddy retired head master graced the occasion (12th January 2020).
  • TV: Handed a 55 inch TV to Matruchaya for the kids to watch inspirational and motivational programs on sundays and holidays. Sri Bh. Sivareddy, retired head master, Nutakki ZPH School was the honorary guest for the event. (12th January 2020).
  • After School Snacks: Continuing the after school snacks program that was started in Jan 2019, providing heathy, nutritious snacks to kids. (Jan 2020).
  • Milk for Health: Continuing milk for health program that was started in Jan 2019, providing each kid with a cup of milk per day. (Jan 2020).

Pratyusha Girls Home (Arakuvalley, AP)

  • Groceries: Handed 276kgs of rice, Cooking oil, dal, ravva, jaggery, greengram, blackgram and other groceries. Thanks to Anupama Venkatesh and friends. (27th April)
  • Groceries: Handed 450kgs of rice, 60liters cooking oil, upma ravva, idly ravva, dal, pulses, coconut oil and other groceries to this tribal girls orphanage to support them for a month. (11th February)

MCBR Oldage Home (Pedaparimi, Andhra Pradesh)

  • Provided financial support to MCBR charitable trust to help in the construction of Oldage Home (Vruddalayam) at Pedaparimi near Vijayawada. Oldage Home will become operational in couple of months. Thanks to Prasada Jonnala. (27th April)

Pallavi Oldage Home (Hyderabad, Telangana)

  • Groceries: Delivered 300kgs of rice, cooking oil, dal and other groceries to “Pallavi Oldage Home for women” at Hyderabad. Majority of the women at this facility are mentally challenged. Thanks a lot Usha Kiran Desabhaktula and all other donors for making this happen.(10th February)

Meals to BayArea Families, California, USA

  • Sponsored 10000 meals to children and families struggling with hunger in USA (9th May)
  • Sponsored 2000 meals to children and families struggling with hunger in San Francisco Bay Area in USA (6th May)

Prosthetic legs, Jaipur Legs to children/adults (Andhra Pradesh)

  • Provided prosthetic leg to 1 young adult This was given to Jayaraju Rapuri, a B.Pharmacy student. With this artificial limb he can go to college to continue studies and try to lead normal life. Thanks to Srinivasa M (April)
  • Jaipur leg Provided Jaipur leg to one adult(April)

Computers and Printers to Schools

  • Handed 6 desktop computers to ZPH School, Nutakki, Guntur district, AP (23rd February)

Scholarships, School Fee, Teachers Salaries

  • Scholarships – In progress…
  • College Fees – In progress…
  • Teachers Salaries – In progress…

School Infrastructure

  • Provided financial support to improve infrastructure at a high school.
  • Built a partition in a building at a high school to create an additional room to be used for counseling students.

Books to School Libraries

  • In Progress

Sports Equipment to Schools

  • Monkey bars / horizontal ladder for a high school – In progress…
  • Volley ball polls, Volley balls/net, Throw balls/net and Badminton balls to a school – In progress…