Medical Camps, Health Awareness and Sponsoring Medical Treatment

As we all know, “Health is Wealth“. Many factors influence people to acquire diseases and certain medical conditions. They need to be educated about health and diseases through awareness programs. They should know what to eat, what not to eat, how to be fit through regular exercise, proper diet and be healthy. Everyone must be aware of required annual screening tests they need to undergo, based on their age, gender and health conditions. All this information should be available to people in rural areas.

There are several children and adults with serious medical conditions. They are looking for financial help to undergo critical surgery or treatment. If treated on time, they can live for many more years. In many cases, if one person is cured, it saves the entire family.

Rural Hope Foundation is working hard to support the following initiatives:

  • Conduct awareness programs about diabetes, heart health, cholesterol, fitness, yoga and meditation
  • Setup eye camps to screen for any ailments and sponsor free eye surgeries for qualified people
  • Setup diabetes screening camps
  • Sponsor medical treatment for kids and senior citizens in critical conditions (example: Heart operations for kids)