Protein Powder to 350 malnourished tribal children and mothers

Protein Powder
Over 10,000 tribal families are living in interior forest habitations of Bhadradri Kothagudem area in 149 habitations spread across 60kms radius. Many of these tribals (Gond Adivasis) had migrated from Chhattisgarh over last 30 to 40 years. Malnutrition problem is so severe that it even causes night blindness in some cases due to Vitamin A deficiency. Pre-term deliveries are also common due to the malnutrition. This was resulting in many deaths. To prevent malnutrition, Rural Hope Foundation has taken up the following initiative:

  1. Provide Protein Powder supplement to 350 children, pregnant women, lactating mothers in 16 hamlets for 1 year
  2. Rural Hope Foundation is providing 1.8kgs of protein powder to each child, pregnant women and lactating mother that are affected with severe malnutrition in tribal habitations. This is also known as Adivasi Horlicks. (protein powder is made with roasted Bengal gram, peanuts, wheat, jowar + jaggery powder).

    • Donate $30 to sponsor protein powder to 1 child for 1 year
    • Donate $75 to sponsor protein powder to 1 hamlet for 1 month
    • Donate $150 to sponsor protein powder to 2 hamlets for 1 month
    • Donate $750 to sponsor protein powder to 1 hamlet for 1 year

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  • Project Goal: Raise $15,000 to provide protein powder to 350 malnourished children, pregnant women / lactating mothers for 1 year.
  • Target Date: 31st December 2024
  • Funds Raised: $4,000 (as of August 2023)
  • Project Contact: Chandra Konda,

Please donate generously for this noble cause. Thank you!