Tribal Health Center Construction

Health Center
Health Center
Health Center
Over 10,000 tribal families are living in interior forest habitations of Bhadradri Kothagudem area in 149 habitations spread across 60kms radius. Many of these tribals (Gond Adivasis) had migrated from Chhattisgarh over last 30 to 40 years. These tribal people lack access to basic healthcare as the closest town Kothagudem is many kilometres away, even the nearest Primary Health Centre (PHC) for most of them is many hours away – includes a long trek by foot before they reach the nearest road. Many rural villages in the district do not have easy access to healthcare facilities.

Here are the challenges:

  • Nearly 25% of population, i.e. 1 out of 4 suffers from non-communicable diseases.
  • About 75% of pregnant women do not get access to antenatal screening.
  • More than 80% of deliveries are conducted at home.
  • Infant mortality rate is 4 times higher & maternal mortality rate is also higher than the national average.
  • Prevalence of malnutrition, malaria & tuberculosis is higher in the region.
  • 90% of population in the region falls under lower socio-economic category, which is why most of them cannot afford to visit hospitals.
  • Poor Health Seeking behavior/Traditional beliefs amongst the tribals to reach out.
  • The nearest medical facility is over 20 kms from the villages which increases the difficulty for the patients.

With motto of providing high quality, compassionate, culturally appropriate & ethical healthcare services to the underprivileged population, Rural Hope Foundation is supporting the construction of a health centre in Gattumalla village, Laxmidevipalli Mandal, Bhadradri Kothagudem district, Telangana. This will create an opportunity for over 15,000 people to access universal healthcare.

Update on the construction

  • Building 1 is completed and operational for the last 6 months. It’s about 1900 SQFT. It includes – Reception, Patient waiting area, 2 doctor consulting rooms, and Pharmacy and Lab.
  • Building 2 is under construction. Expecting to complete by October 2023. It’s 2100 SQFT and includes – Operation Theatre, Post Operative room, Changing rooms, Doctors Lounge, and Sterilization room.
  • With donation of $1000 or more, your loved ones names will be carved on the wall of founding donors at the health center

Support this project

  • Project Goal: Raise $50,000 to support construction of health center to benefit 15000 tribal people with basic health care services.
  • Target Date: 31st December 2023
  • Funds Raised: $30,000 (as of August 2023)
  • Project Contact: Chandra Konda,

Please donate generously for this noble cause. Thank you!