Support Rural Areas, Environment and Farmers

Rural areas do not have basic facilities such as clean drinking water, bathrooms, garbage disposal and drainage systems. These are causing serious health problems to many people in these areas. They suffer from frequent fevers. These are spread to many thru mosquitos. Unless these facilities are improved, this problem can not be solved.

On the environment front, temperature is going up each year. This is due to the fact that several trees were cut in the last several decades to build more homes, office buildings..etc. To prevent this climatic change, we need to start planting more and more trees and start taking all measures to protect our environment.

Today, agriculture sector has become very bad. Current conditions are not favoring farmers. Though they are backbone to our society, they are struggling to survive. Farmers are not getting enough money from their crops and getting into serious debts. They need to be educated with latest farming tools, organic farming and methods to market their products to get better price.

Rural hope foundation is planning the following initiatives:

  • Help with drinking water, garbage disposal, drainage and sanitation in rural places
  • Build toilets through Swatchha Bharat program.
  • Planting trees in rural areas to support our environment
  • Awareness programs and seminars to farmers about latest developments in agriculture, organic farming, using latest tools..etc