Orphanages (Matruchaya & Other)

Matruchaya Matruchaya is an orphanage located in Nutakki, South India that currently houses 50 children who lost both their parents. The orphanage feeds, clothes and serves as a home for all these children. The team in charge of the facility has worked hard over the last ten years to provide the orphaned children with the care and attention they had been missing in order to turn each child into a functioning member of the society. The orphanage helps the children create friendships they never had, pays for their education and creates a safe environment for them to grow up into responsible adults.
Pratyusha Girls Home Pratyusha Girls Home located in Arakuvalley, South India that houses 60 tribal girls studying 1st grade to 10th grade. This Orphanage home is operating for the last 15 years. They provide food, shelter, clothes and takes care of Children education.
Support this project
These orphanages operate solely on donations from people like you and is in need of funds to continue providing basic amenities. These children are deprived of mother’s affection and father’s love. Orphanages are working hard to provide them both. Let us support these orphanages to bring light into the lives of these children. Please donate for this noble cause. Thank you!

  • Project Goal: Raise $22,000 to support lodging and boarding expenses for Matruchaya, Pratyusha and other Orphanage children for 1 year.
  • Target Date: 31st December 2021
  • Funds Raised: $7,500 (as of Jan 2021)
  • Project Contact: Chandra Konda, ruralhopefoundation@gmail.com