Free Eye Surgeries to Rural Poor in India

People in rural areas have a very high percentage of blindness in India. More than 80% of the blindness can easily be cured. Unfortunately, most of these people cannot afford even basic eye care. Let us join hands to help eradicate this curable blindness. One eye surgery can save the entire family.

Rural Hope Foundation will be organizing atleast two eye camps in Andhra Pradesh, India in collaboration with Sankara Eye Hospital, Guntur. Targeting to perform 800-1000 free cataract surgeries for rural poor.

Everyone will be screened at the camp. Identified people will be taken to Sankara Eye Hospital Guntur for eye surgery. Operation will be performed and the patients will be dropped back at the camp place after 48 hours. Four weeks later Sankara Eye care team will visit these patients at the village, check the progress, verify the sight and send them eye glasses.

Rural Hope Foundation needs your support to run these eye camps. Please donate generously and spread the word about these eye camps.

  • Project Goal: Raise $8,000 to conduct couple of eye camps, screen patients and perform free eye surgeries across India
  • Funds Raised: $2000 (as of 28th July 2019)
  • Target Date: 31st October 2019