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More details about this documentary: Mitti-Back to the roots
Genre- Social Movie for Farmer’s Cause
Duration- 90 Minutes
Language- Hindi /Other Languages
One word Narration : A young agricultural scientist who saves a village from being sold.

Synopsis: Ekta, A young agricultural scientist finds out of her research that there are several harmful chemicals being consumed in our daily food and vegetables and does her part to break this poisonous cycle. Further she finds the major reasons behind the agrarian crisis and farmer suicides happening in our country. The story revolves around three farmers facing several problems in farming and how the guidance of a young scientist will help them in saving their village from being sold.

Objective: This project is a result of one year of research on the reasons behind the suicides of the farmers in our country. The research was done by our team headed by Mr.Anshul Sinha under the mentorship of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Hyderabad founded by Dr. G V Ramanjaneyulu, an Agricultural scientist. The project portrays 25 major issues of agrarian crisis which are the main reasons behind 25 lakhs farmer suicides happened in our nation.

Vision: The film aims at saving every farmer from giving up farming & their life, inspiring them and society on the basic aspects of the organic farming and having a clear glimpse of the problems known from our research.

Benefits: This is a film based on ground research and has evidence behind each and every frame with proper documentation which could be provided. The film would definitely reach the audience in huge numbers helping all farmers.

Expectation: This film is going to compete in global platform. We expect a fair value on production which could assure that the project is up to the mark without compromising on the quality.

Directors prior work: Anshul Sinha has completed 41 films till now and has received 140 Awards at various International and National film festival. His latest film Gateway to heaven has received 11 International nominations in various International film festivals.

Key creative personnel: VFX of the film is taken care by Mr. Kiran Nani who has done visual effects for films like Bahubali, Linga etc. Animation of the film will be done by Mr. Pruthvi Indla who works as a character designers for famous cartoon series Chota Bheem. Casting of the film is Handled by Mr.Rajnish Sharma & Sandeep yadav who has directed and acted in more than 150 theatre productions. Saravana KV a passionate photographer and Babu yadav passionate about film making will be the AD’s of the film.

Outreach & Distribution: Apart from theatrical release at national level we will be also planning to do road shows in many villages of India under the guidance of Centre for Sustainable Agriculture. There are many foundations and trusts in India who are working for the development of farmers and Agriculture in India. Our team will try to reach out to the maximum foundations for the better promotion of this film.

Current Status: We have completed shoot of whole film and doing post production work.

Team Mitti
Director- Anshul Sinha
Assistant Directors- Babu Yadav, Saravana KV, Rajnish Sharma
Editing- Hemanth Muppuri
Casting- Rajnish Sharma, Sandeep Yadav
Sound- Nagarjuna Thallapalli
VFX- Kiran Nani
Animation- Pruthvi Indla
Story Boards: Chandrakanth Yadav, Srinjal Jain, Vidya
Producers : Rural Hope Foundation, CSA and other farmer champions

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  • Project Goal: To Raise $20,000 to support MITTI – Back to Roots documentary film making, telugu dubbing, and screening of the film in villages that are severely impacted with farmer suicides, and to help families affected with farmer suicides.
  • Target Date: 31st July 2018
  • Funds Raised: $4,850 (as of 30th Jan 2018)
  • Project Contact: Chandra Konda,

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